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We provide tailored solutions that benefit both property owners and the surrounding environment.

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Our range of services are dedicated to minimising our impact on the local area and remaining environmentally friendly, effectively managing unwanted vegetation and controlling the spread of noxious weeds. We provide tailored solutions that benefit both property owners and the surrounding environment.

Forestry mulching

Forestry mulching is an eco-friendly land clearing method that utilizes specialized equipment to grind and mulch vegetation, promoting sustainable land management and reducing environmental impact.

Land clearing

Land clearing encompasses the removal of trees, debris, and vegetation to prepare a site for construction, agriculture, or other purposes, promoting efficient land use and development. 


Slashing involves the cutting of tall grass and vegetation using a rotary slasher, typically employed for agricultural or fire prevention purposes, ensuring a neat and controlled landscape. 

Fire Trail Maintenance and Construction

Our skilled team specializes in the meticulous upkeep and construction of fire trails, ensuring they meet the highest standards for resilience and accessibility. From regular maintenance to strategic trail expansion, we are committed to creating a robust network that facilitates efficient firefighting efforts and protects lives and property. 

Dam excavations and construction

Dam excavations and construction involve the excavation and building of dams to store water, manage water resources, or control flooding, playing a crucial role in water supply and environmental conservation. 

Fence and power line clearing

This service involves the removal of vegetation and obstacles along fence lines and power corridors, ensuring the safety and reliability of fences and power lines while minimizing potential hazards. 

Driveway excavation

Driveway excavation is the process of preparing and shaping the ground to create driveways, ensuring proper drainage and a stable foundation for residential or commercial access. 

Fire hazard reduction

Fire hazard reduction focuses on minimizing the risk of wildfires by strategically clearing vegetation, implementing firebreaks, and creating defensible spaces to protect communities and ecosystems.

General earthworks

General earthworks encompass a broad range of excavation, grading, and construction activities, shaping the land to meet specific requirements for various projects, such as roads, foundations, or landscaping.


Based in Singleton, NSW, we work across the greater Hunter Valley region, with our service area stretching as far north as Scone and Muswellbrook as well as accommodating clients in Newcastle and parts of the Central Coast. 

If you’d like to learn more about our service to your exact area, let our team know and we’ll get back to you with further information. Some of our key service locations include: 





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